Friday, September 23, 2005

Fallon Gets R-O-W-D-I-E

allon, our 13-year-old, rejoined the ranks of cheering this fall after a two-year hiatus. You'll be able to see her jumping, yelling, stunting, and flying on the sidelines of Oxford Hills Middle School football games.

She diligently practices her routines at home every night after practice at school. Her family is slowly getting used to her hand-clapping, finger-snapping, arm-waving exhibitions in the kitchen ... and bathroom ... and living room ... and car ... and dining room ... and brother's bedroom.

Fallon's squad had their first cheering engagement last week at a football game in Livermore Falls. The football teams lost, and it may have been because Fallon and a teammate missed the start of the second half in order to get some french fries. The school administration is investigating whether a "lack of a full show of team spirit" by some on the sqaud caused the football teams' defeat.

Regardless of the French Fry Fiasco, as some are coming to call it, (or Fallon's French Fry Fiasco in Livermore Falls Last Friday, as the investigation is formally calling it) Fallon still enjoys the sport.

When asked if this were true, Fallon said, "Why am I being arrested?" (shown here just before her arrest by Livermore Falls police.)

Her parents still love her, even though she cost them $100 in bail money, and still didn't get to eat any of those fries.