Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Better Mouse Trap

I have to figure out a new system.

My blog posts are becoming few and far between, and that's a horrible batting average.

I'm leaving for school Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30, leaving me no time in the morning to do serious blogging. Unless I want to wake up at 4. Which isn't ever going to happen.

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are filled with homework and kids' lives and soccer coaching.

Saturday, coaching soccer games, and time with the fam, to make up for the week.

But, I need to write. It's what I'm all about. It's even why I'm going to college. Funny how that works? I'm doing all these things to improve myself as a writer, and I'm doing less writing than ever before.

I'm in recap mode, so I'll hit the highlights, and that's probably what my blogs will be from now on: daily highlights, maybe hit upon a single issue I can hammer out in 10 minutes, like I'm doing right now.

[ + ] Corrine and I went to the Fryeburg Fair Sunday (the biggest fair in the state, for non-Maniacs) It was the first time we went alone, as a couple, since we met back in 1924. Well, it seems that long anyway.

Harrison went with his girlfriend, but they did their own thing. So, it was just me and the little lady, strolling. Holding hands. Talking. Looking at draft horses and 4H quilts and crafts and people eating. We ate a few things ourselves, which is one of the biggest reasons we go. But it was nice to just hang together, no strollers or diaper bags.

NOW...not to sound bitter or ungrateful for what I have, BUT.

We were supposed to head to Vermont on Saturday, alone, stay the night at our good friend's house and see the play she directed. We had been planning it for weeks, excited at adulthood. At being able to dress up (I bought Corrine a beautiful dress and shirt for her birthday just for this weekend. Earrings to match, even!)

Well, anyone with kids knows that two things are inevitable: someone getting sick or someone backing out of babysitting.

Both happened. Griffin was sick AND Corrine's mom backed out of taking him Saturday. It scrapped our entire weekend plans for Vermont. We were, um, pissed.

So, we got the chance to ditch the kids for a few hours Sunday, a small consolation. It was our one-year anniversary a couple weeks ago and for our "honeymoon" we traveled through northern New England to see the foliage. Well, that was a big reason for going to Vermont this past weekend.


Well, not all fail. I did get to hold Corrine's hand, in public, alone, without children.

As pathetic as it sounds, that's a small victory for us lately it seems. 10 minutes are up. It's 6:30. Time for college.

See you tomorrow...


  1. happy late anniversary... i have been a bad blogger this summer too... hopefully i can get myself together... and highlights works too! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

  2. I MISS YOU!
    Reading your stuff is a high light of my day, when I can't see you...I can steal my own few minutes to "hear" your words. Thanks for getting back on the wagon!

  3. I'm glad you'll be blogging more - it's always a nice motivational break in my day to stop by and read.

    Sorry about your failed plans. That's so true - either illness or babysitting failure is inevitable. By now, we just usually plan stuff with the kids involved. With only the two, we've sort of forced them to participate in the activities we want to do. Sort of. Of course, now that I think about it, we do end up at their favorite restaurants most of the time... hmm...

  4. Glad to know you got some R & R with your love...