Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little Brother, Welder Be

For Alice, to her brother

Little brother, welder be
Fire your torch
Just for me

Heat the shop and strike the hammer
Cut a form
And raise a clamor

No one joined a seam like you
So one more time
There's work to do

Little brother, sailor be
Just a kid
When sent to sea

Around the world you went and back
Learned a trade
A cracker jack

Returned a man, firm and lean
Torch in hand
And acetylene

Little brother, welder be
Ply your trade
Again for me

Weld a shape from a sheet of metal
The form of a box
Then let it settle

Then you and I will climb inside
Lock it shut
So we can hide

Some will say your life was wasted
Better served
If other fruits tasted

A banker, a king, a richer man
They would insist
But they misunderstand

That my brother, you see
Was richest when
A little welder, he


  1. That is beautiful, Andy.
    Your Mom would weep, and Shelley would be moved also. Save this for a date to come...