Monday, January 19, 2009

Can You Read My Mind?

Fallon Paige received a new digital camera from me and Corrine for her birthday and has been spending the last couple of days taking pictures. She's quite good at capturing the sentiment of the moment. She has an eye for it I think.

One of my favorites is a candid of her youngest brother, Griffin, next to whom she was sitting last night. With camera in hand, she snapped a quick shot of Mr. Smile a Mile, which is my new nickname for him. It used to be Sir Shitsalot.

The photo is a perfect reflection of who Griffin is, I think. Now, mind you, he isn't smiling in it and the boy smiles more than any child I've ever met. He is a very happy baby. But lately he's hit an emotional growth spurt. That stage in a 6-month-old's growth in which their entire world becomes interesting. Before, all they really can and want to do is eat, sleep, and poop. Now, he wants to KNOW. He wants to UNDERSTAND.

He has become much more attentive now that he can hold his head up and completely still, so he spends a lot of his time staring at people, and I'm dying to know what the hell the boy is thinking.

He looks deep into you and it's freaky. Harrison, my second oldest, used to do that at Griffin's age as well. He would spend long amounts of time just observing. Calculating. Contemplating. I used to joke whenever Harrison stared at me at length that he was thinking "Crap, you're my father?"

Fallon's picture, like I said, captured Griffin's latest stage in growth perfectly. He looks right into the camera, straight through it even, as if into your eyes. And the look on his face says "You're a mystery, please explain yourself. I promise I will not judge you. I just want to know."

I love that look.

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