Monday, January 26, 2009

A Passing Lament

love is sprung
upon the young
and just as quick is lost

then I wish not
to unwind the clock
and away the years be tossed

for there was a time
in this lover's mind
a lament for all we missed

for a younger age
upon a different stage
in a play in which we kissed

but had we met
when the sun had set
on younger eyes as we

I would regret
your beauty yet
be lost on youthful me

for your loveliness
I must confess
gave me pause this way:

if I met you first
and quenched a thirst

would we still be we today?

experiences past
means love now will last
the length of a million days

youth was served
so that our love be deserved
in more enriching and fulfilling ways

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