Friday, January 23, 2009

Mt. Blue

I confiscated some pictures from my mother this morning and rushed home to scan them before she notices.

They are images of camping at Mt. Blue State Park, a Turner family tradition since before I was even born. My mother is on a kick lately to gather all the family photos she can in order that they may be put together in an album.

I thought, just for shits and giggles, I would share a few here. They were taken when Fallon and Harrison were much younger. And so was I.

God. Look ma, not beer belly!!

I hope you enjoy.

(Oh, and yes, the fact that these are SUMMER pictures is not lost on me, sitting here in January.)

Me and Harrison, summer of 2001. He's seven years old. I'm not 7.

Fallon and Harrison, 1998. Harrison is 4, Fallon is 6. And, as always, she's got a firm grip on her younger brother.

Harrison, 1998. One of my favorites of him.

Harrison, 1, Fallon, 3, and my father, around the campfire, 1995. Apparently Harrison is pointing to the spot he wants Fallon to jump to. She's contemplating it.

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