Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cleaning Out The Film Drawer

So, like many of you, we take a lot of photos, and then forget we take the photos, and the canisters of 35mm film start to collect in a drawer, along with the bills we were sure got paid, but never did.

Okay, maybe that last part isn't you.

And most of you probably don't use a 35mm. Or ever heard of one.

Either way ... I take 35mm and then have Wal-Mart develop them as CDs only, that way I can load them right up onto the old 'puter and share them with y'all.

Most of these were from 2007.

Member 2007? When we all had jobs?

Anyway, enjoy!

Ty makes his pick for the next play. "Quarterback Wedge on 2! On 2! Break!"

Harrison looks like a soccer player when he's sleeping, let alone on the field.

Fight the Power! (or...wake me, get the hammer!)

Heh heh heh .. just tooted and blamed it on Sis... heh heh heh.

Temperpedic Butt. Ahhhhhh.

"Daaaad! I peedin here!"

"Can I have this dance, Daddy?"

Fallon gave up cheering this year, even though she was a FANTASTIC flier (that's cheerleader code for Chuck My Daughter In The Air) She couldn't stand the bitchiness that comes with the role.

My daughter is too attractive. How the fuck did this happen?

My baby with her baby.

My favorite picture of these two. She's actually choking him. He just doesn't realize it.

Gimli gettin some lovin. That's Gabi, believe it or not.

I have three beautiful daughters, and they're all different. That's called an embarrassment of riches.

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