Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Notes

It snowed 24 inches - or more - last night.

We lost power at about 2 in the morning and didn't get it back until 10:30, which meant no heat and an awful lot of snow to shovel.

That heavy, rain-saturated snow too. Two feet of it.

Our porch leaks at the far end, even after I repaired the roof this past summer. Well, obviously I didn't repair it.

This means a serious roof rehabilitation project for the spring. The kind where you tear up shingles, pop out water-damaged wood, and replace flashing.

Of course, that will happen after we gut and redo our bathroom, the one in which a pipe froze and burst a couple months ago, saturating everything right down into the basement.


My last entry showed an image of the cover of Purple Holly, my latest not-yet-finished novel. I just wanted to share a moment for you. I think the Germans call it gestalt. It's when all the disparate parts of something click together to make something seamless and therefore greater than its parts.

In writing, the looser definition would be what occurred to me Friday and Saturday. The idea went from being a lot of interesting pieces - characters and their "actions", the setting, etc. - and then click it became a single story. One with meaning. That's one of my favorite early moments in writing.

That click is almost audible. when all the story elements dovetail together and a theme emerges. You look for it. If you set out in the beginning with a theme, you're doomed. When it hits you like this - through the characters - you know you're on the right track.

And no, I'm not telling you what the story is about. Or what happens.


Watched the Academy Awards last night with Corrine, Harrison, Gabi and Griffin. Loved it, for the most part. It had, these last few years, lost its luster for me, but redeemed itself last night. Hugh Jackman was great as the host, the winners were worthy of their awards - in my opinion - and there were lots of laughs. Can't beat that. Oh, and I didn't see any of the nominated movies last year. Well, except for Wall-E, which won, and deservedly so.


Harrison turns 15 Wednesday. Not sure what I'll get the kid. I have a couple ideas, including a digital camera.

Or a snow shovel.

Hey, didn't you read the first note?


My parents' 50th anniversary is this June. We (us four siblings) are beginning the planning. I'm in charge of designing the invitations and have come up with a couple great ideas. 50 years is something to aspire to. I will be 90 when Corrine and I reach that milestone.

And we will.

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