Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back to It

After a few weeks of pouting, I decided to return to the blogosphere.

Many of you asked where I went, and I gave an honest answer. Blogging was becoming a hindrance to my "real" writing. That is, the writing I invent and hope to someday make into a published novel that makes me a millionaire. Or at least solvent enough to replace our bathroom.

What i have come to realize, though, is that the blog was not the problem. My brain was. If I had a dime for every time my brain got in the way ...

Sounds like a Broadway lyric, doesn't it?

So I'm back, after reading a quote I pasted on my wall a long time ago so that I would be inspired never to give up, but apparently forgot I had posted there:

Talent is a long patience. It is a matter of considering long and attentively what you want to express, so that you may discover an aspect of it that has never before been reported.
That's part of it. It goes on to talk about how everything common should be rendered unique by the writer if he is to be successful. That "Even the slightest thing contains a little that is unknown."

To stop blogging is to deny myself an important creative outlet. It was not a hindrance after all, but a way to write when I couldn't seem to write. I forgot that the reason I love writing is because it lets me look for the unknown.

So I've returned. I don't need a parade or fanfare. I'm just grateful to those of you who came looking for me. It made me feel good. Like I was at least relevant to some degree. And isn't that why writers write in the first place?


  1. Whatever the circumstances, it's nice to see you here. Welcome back.

  2. and here I thought it was because of me...

    glad to see you back!

  3. I thought it might be something like that. I'm sure we're all glad to have you back.

    I was beginning to get edgy without my shot-of-good-writing to turn to in the middle of a work slog!

    :) Marie