Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Major Coop

Ty clipping the chicken wire to prepare it for stapling to the coop. Gabrielle wants to help. In fact she demands it.
Griffin was our foreman. He's got the scowl, the mouth, and I even think he shit himself.

Griffin: I can eat this, can't I?
Gabi: Um..yeah. Eat it!

"Tra la la la laaaa"

Corrine knows sign language. Either that or she's letting everyone know my shortcoming. You know. That I have a lame pinky.

I like to move it! Move it!

Harrison holds one side. Corrine the other. Gimli looking for a place to crap. Sammy sniffing.

Let's see. If I close my left eye it's level...if I close my right eye I ... I ... can't see! Ahhhhh!

Okay. I'm on the verge of a hissy, Corrine is calming me down, and Sammy is laughing his ass off.

I'm stapling. Corrine is apparently teaching Gimli how to take a dump.

Adults are working. Teens are not. Hmmm.

La Coop

Corrine is holding the door in place while I look for JUST the right ratchet. Harrison is saying "You won't find it in there." He was right.

But I still kept looking anyway.

Is it me or is my bald spot moving according to the sun? And are they riding up, dear?

Corrine: Hey, when your dad comes back out, tell him this is upside down.

Foreman Griffin flirts with the hired help.



  1. OMG! Some funny pictures in there. I am fascinated with the chicken thing, but its not anything I would ever do.

  2. Don't chickens need shade? Or cover from the rain?


  3. Nice work!!

    Did you know I almost stepped on you at Tiltons on Sunday. I was coming out, you were going in. Nice to meet you!

  4. BeautifulWreck: I was also fascinated...from a distance. Then Corrine came along and put me to work.

    Hallie: Chickens are dumb. We told them rain was only in their imagination. (We also built a nesting room in the barn, which is where they go..I gave them a map)

    Melissa: You shoulda stepped on me! (And then introduced yourself)

  5. I would have obliterated you.
    It only occurred to me that it was you after I had left. Being as Tilton's is the center of...well everything, I'm sure we'll meet again.

  6. Looks like you needed "a long patience" for this project! Nicely done. Now, where are the chickens.

  7. Gee, I feel bad for assuming all these years that you had no marketable skills.