Monday, July 20, 2009


So, we went camping in Rangeley over the weekend with our entire family.

We got there late, set up as it started to rain, and the kids' tent had an inch of standing water in it by midnight. Not a great start. The next day, however, the clouds lifted and the rest of the time was sunny and warm and a great time. No Internet, no showers, just trees and grass and dirt.

And they all loved it.

Ok. Down the road from us was a more secluded site, at which previous occupants had erected two different toilets. The first is just a toilet seat on a 10-gallon plastic jug. The second - this one - was more elaborate and offered you a view of the river. It was wood-constructed toilet with a seat. This is NOT the face I usually make when evacuating my bowels. If it were, I'd go see a doctor.

Me carrying Griff on a wooded path on the way back to seeing the waterfalls. Treebeard is to my right, and if you know that reference you're as big a geek as me. Sorry. Facts is facts. Live with it.

We camped with several others, one of whom had a daughter - Molly - just a few days younger than Gabrielle, but cooler. She had a - OMG!!! - Barbie Jeep. I mean, come on. Gabrielle decided to drag Griff into it for a ride. He loved it. Of course, he was the first to shout SHOTGUN!!

Sammy will chase anything you throw for him, all day long. Griffin, seeing me throw this stick all day, decided he would try. He's barely strong enough to lift the thing AND stand up. It bored the hell out of Sammy because Griff couldn't throw it beyond his toes. Doesn't it look like Griff is conducting some sort of ancient conjuring ritual here? Like he should be chanting in Latin?

Say wha???

Gabrielle on the road of life all by herself. Boy is she a rig. Even the wildlife stayed away.

When ya gotta go, gotta go. What you can't appreciate about this picture is that Gabrielle's stream was this spectacular arc that shot out between Corrine's legs, missing her by millimeters. The moose were impressed.

She's a one-of-a-kind, that Gabi Girl.

Alyssa and Ty. Ty is apparently still hung over. The big drunk.

Fallon and Harrison. She slouches like me. He's built like me. They don't stand a chance.

Ahhhh. Perty, aint it?

There we are. The Turner-Wyman clan. Notice Gabrielle is the only one refusing to look at the camera. That's because she's spotted the marshmallow she threw into the woods the night before and she wanted to eat it. Also, note to self: next time, take it in the shade.


  1. Sounds like a good time.

    Did he speak in Old Entish? Hee hee, yup I'm a geek!

    You shouldn't strain so hard, you could rupture something!

  2. wonderful time! great pics and we had a barbie jeep too Eons ago LOL

  3. Sure is a beautiful family you have there...Great shots. And, to me, that pic of Griffin and your dog looks like he's getting ready for a face-plant (as in water skiing, but in the dirt, dragged by the dog, heehee.

  4. It seems like you all had a good time. Wholesome, healthy fun! Great memories and great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I bet that is too the face you make.

    Corrine is a multi-talented lady. If I ever get a minute, and y'all aren't camping, I'll have to get together with her again. Maybe she can teach me the finer points of the pee-lift for when I have grandchildren.

  6. Looks like a really fun trip. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  7. Looks like such a great trip! What a cute family you make!

    Hey, I just checked in on PH... and ... WOW! It really showcases your gift for dialogue!!!

    Looks like dedication plus talent pays off -