Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snaggle-Toothed Birthday Party Boy

Cheaper Than Therapy

Griffin on his very first birthday. Woo hoo!

Lately, he's taken to scowling. Snarling. Like a cross between smelling something bad and looking to pick a fight. Very strange young lad. Maybe he's not understanding the hat? We're not sure.

Corrine made the cake. It's a tractor! Made of cake ... you know ... stuff. Frosting. Twix. A Twinkie is in there too, I think.

Yay! Griffin LOVES it.

Griffin is trying out the texture of the frosting.


Griffin's not loving it anymore

Griffin's gonna kill Ty

Or he'll just stick it in his mouth. That always works.

Griffin, among many other gifts, got a four wheeler. Again, he doesn't smell anything bad. He just likes to snarl lately. Very weird child, that Griffin.


  1. Snarling is allowed when one is cute, and he surely has cute all locked up. Happy birthday, Griffin!

  2. Happy Birthday to Griffin! What a sweetie. I love his name too.

  3. He looks like a annoyed celebrity!!! JUST GET THE PAPARZZI AWAY!!!

  4. He looked pretty neat eating that birthday ckae - it was an adorable cake for an adorable little man.

  5. Very very cute. He definitely looked annoyed tho.

  6. LOVE the cake! and the awesome snarlly pics:)

  7. Happy birthday Griffin!
    And that is one fabulous cake!!!!!

  8. awesome cake...I have a bday soon can I get one of those? The cake not the baby...;p

  9. Your wife is one talented gal - love the cake.

    And don't knock the snarling. It worked great for Elvis.

  10. That is really funny. What a cutie. His ace reminds me of Kyle when he was about 15 months old. He started growling at people whenever they were too familiar with him. For example, if someone teased him or tried to get too friendly, he would growl and give the evil eye. We didn't know what to do! Eventually (I'm embarrassed to say about a year later), I decided that we weren't helping matters by laughing at him. I said, "You know that growling thing that you do when you are not happy with someone?" He said yes. I said, "You're not going to do that anymore." He asked why, and I said, "Because it is rude." He never did it again. Go figure!