Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Say It's Her Birthday

Corrine's birthday is Thursday (Love you baby!) and Griffin goes in for surgery the same day (Love you Fiff!)

It's not a serious surgery - he's being circumcised. Poor thing.

Griff, I mean.

As for Corrine's birthday. I have not had a chance to stop and even breathe, let alone think about gifts. So, I'm creating a contest!

I want ideas for THE most romantic birthday gift you can think of, the ingredients to which must include:

1. A purchased item of some sort (keep it under a couple bills, please, I'm a college student now)
2. Something I DO for her; e.g., take her out, rub her feet with olive oil, etc. You don't have to keep it clean, but ... well, whatever you suggest will probably be a reflection of YOUR dirty mind, not mine. (But I'd love to know how your dirty minds work!)

It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. It can be wild and crazy, or so damn romantic it makes you cry to even write it.

I want results, folks! I only have two days.

Not sure what I will give the winner. I tried a contest once and I STILL have not followed through on the prize. (Sorry Mrs. 4s!)

So...put your romantic thinking caps on and give me a recipe for the BEST birthday for the BEST wife I am married to. Hands down. She's tops. She deserves it. (like I need to tell you!)


  1. Well, of course I am the WORST person to be allowed to have an opinion on this subject. Ever.

    But I would think anything that involves time together for the two of you, without teens or babies, would be fabulous.

    Any oil-rubbing is a bonus. I could give you a list of what parts I like having rubbed, but I'm guessing that's a individual preference thing.

  2. Write down all the amazing things you love about her, or fond memories of your years together on little pieces of papaer and post them throughout the house in a scavenger hunt type fashion. Give her the first one to start her on her merry way - you should be the last prize, of course...what better present than your love and devotion????

  3. Mmm...I like both of those ideas.

    Okay, I really tried to think about what I might like and here goes. How about you buy a calendar - a nice one if you can find one still, but you should be able to find at least an academic/business year type in either the college bookstore or the office supply section - and you pick one day each month where you two can plan to have a babysitter (or an older teen!) and just go out to be together and recharge.

    I picture the calendar with the special day circled in a red heart or something like that. Maybe even a title/assignment of what you'll do. You know, Oct 10th - Go for lunch at our favorite cafe and a long stroll in the park. Nov. 14 - Drinks and dancing at Club Zest. That sort of thing.

    You could also write a specialized coupon for a service like footrub, backrub, read aloud to her for an hour, and staple one to each month.

    Well, that's what I came up with so far. It's romantic. It's reasonably priced and it gives her your love and attention to look forward to over the whole year.

    Hope that helps - she deserves a great day!