Friday, May 22, 2009

And the Winner Is....

Mrs. 4444!

Otherwise known as Half-Past Kissin' Time

She correctly identified the five quotes out of the 100 posts I've written, including one dating back to 2005!

Oh. Did I mention I had a contest yesterday to celebrate my 100th post?

Well, I did. I randomly chose five quotes from all of my posts, and asked them to be identified by date and title.

I seriously did not expect anyone to do this. I mean, come on, it's having to drudge through a lot of writing. (Except for those who follow me religiously, then it would be easy)

But Mrs. 4444 did it! AND she even commented on a couple of them. Holy crap.

I need to have more difficult contests.

And what's REALLY scary is that she even knew what the prize was.

A signed copy of Surfacing. My first ... okay ... my ONLY novel (so far)!

The truth is, it was Corrine's idea to have a contest. I was actually going to list one quote from each blog entry and I got as far as, like, 64 and gave up.

That would have been one helluva long post.

So congrats to MRS. 4444.

Go check out her blog.

It's funny, poignant, insightful and well written.

(Mrs. 4444: Send me your shipping address to turn68(at) and don't forget to tell me who to autograph the book to....)


  1. Congratulations, Mrs. 4444. I'm so glad you won. You're going to love the book.

    I'm also glad I didn't win...because I already HAVE a signed copy of Surfacing. Next time, make it something I DON'T have. Like a job.

  2. Thanks!! I'm really looking forward to reading the book. And I just realized that I shouldn't have sent my answers via Comment; because I did, no one else had any chance! Next time, I'll email.

    And thanks for the kind words. Coming from you (an author, no less) it's especially nice.

    Now, I'm off to read some of those posts at a more leisurely pace!