Friday, May 29, 2009

Frag It

Friday Fragments?

Friday Fragments is an idea from Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin' Time. Check her out. A lot. She's cool.

Folks at 50

Mom and Dad will be celebrating their 50th on June 13. Corrine and I, along with my three other siblings, have been working on preparations for it since February.

It's going to be a fun time. We decided to have it on the coast, and to serve lobsters and steamers, my folks' favorite Maine dish. We're having a singer perform three of their favorite songs, including Etta James' "At Last".

This is the front of the invitation I designed. I can't believe they've been married 50 years. Who does that? They should get a Presidential Medal, not just a lobster dinner.

Never Too Late

The play I am directing, "Never Too Late" is coming into the home stretch. The actors are close to getting their lines straight, costumes are taking shape, the set is all but finished.

The play is about a couple in their late 50s who find out the wife is pregnant. They already have a daughter, who is 23 and lives with them with her husband.

It's a farce and it's hilarious.

I'm having a great time directing and I'm positive it'll bring in a full house.

Purple Goes POD

I made a decision yesterday that was not all that easy.

I published my first novel, Surfacing, using a process called publish on demand. It's sort of like self-publishing, in that you don't go through a traditional publishing house (like Bantam or Random House.)

With POD, you do all the hard work like, you know, the writing, then you contract with a publisher who acts as your intermediary. Whenever someone orders your book online, or through a bookstore, the order is placed with the publisher and just that copy is printed. As opposed to traditional publishing, which prints a certain number of books and distributes them to bookstores in select areas.

Here's the rub. Literary snobs will tell you that if you go POD, you're not a "legit" writer, because it's "too easy." Any schmo can get something half-assed printed and call it a novel.

The problem with that argument is that I still do the writing. The toiling. Shedding blood sweat and tears. Not to mention the fact that I've some God-awful pieces of shit from traditional publishers.

Going POD means I get the book immediately and no paper is wasted. My books are on, Barnes and Noble, etc. It also can be order through any bookstore in the world.

The only reason I would go traditional is for the added "legitimacy" still attached to it. Reviewers, for example, will not review self-published or POD novels. At All. And a favorable review would be HUGE for sales.


I don't like snobs. I don't like conventional thinking most of the time. Therefore, Purple Holly, my second novel (and one of three fictional projects I'm currently working on) will be POD.

I will have to suck it up and work hard at getting the message out when it's published. I'll be in touch. I have an idea for getting you, dear reader, to help me.



  1. I'm so glad you caved - er, I mean - JOINED us Friday fragmenters.

    Congrats to your parents. 50 years is quite the accomplishment.

    The play is going to be a huge hit, I just know it.

    Don't forget, we have some sort of deal about me getting to read an early copy of your next book...don't forget, stuff that you write in cyberspace never goes away. I can find the proof if I need to...

  2. The play will be great, I mean DUH!
    My kid is in it, and my man is directing!!!

    I am glad that you are going POD again. You can always submit it to a traditional publisher later. Along with SURFACING! It is harder and harder to get traditional publishing. They look for books already published. Go figure!!!

    And 50 years IS unheard of. We will be what, 95 at our 50th. You'll still be grabbing my ass, and I will be chasing you around the table.

  3. I agree. There are some God-awful books out there that somehow got "traditionally" published. I like the idea of POD though. People always thought that the itunes concept wouldn't work, and yet...So I bet the POD thing catches on as well.

  4. What difference does it make; it's whether or not the book sells that makes it a gem, right? I suppose the rub their lies in the marketing of a POD book (fewer resources?) Anyway, I wish you luck, and I eagerly await my copy of Surfacing.

    Congrats to your parents for their milestone. My parents made it to 50 as well. One of Mom's favorite songs is Look at Us (Vince Gil). Have you heard it? Since Dad's gone now, it chokes me up even more.

    If you're directing it, does that mean you wrote the play, too? Wish I could see it.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for playing FF today! :)

  5. 50 years is amazing. My parents just celebrated 60 and have no idea.

  6. P.S. Please sign it to me, Barb. Thanks.

  7. So when will Purple Holly be available to purchase? Voracious readers need to know!

  8. MET: You WILL be the first to read Purple...after Corrine, of course

    Corrine: I've never grabbed your ass. I'm a boob man, remember?

    Mrs. 4444: marketing it will be the same if I was traditionally published. Unless your Stephen King, you're SOL in the marketing dept. Gotta do the work to get read. (another reason POD makes sense)

    Harriet: Awesome! But they have no idea? Of the fact they are on their 60th, or that you're throwing them a party?

    Mrs. 4444: Barb it is

    Corgyncottage: I hope this August. But you'll be getting a draft. I need my reading committee!

  9. Visiting from Friday Fragments...

    LOVE the idea of doing a book that way! I'm sure there are fantastic novels out there that arent able to get published & some major crap that DOES make it...

    How exciting! You'll be the Susan Boyle of the writing world - undiscovered talent!

  10. Good luck on your play and how special your parents will feel when you help celebrate their 50th

  11. That play sounds like it will be quite funny. Congrats!

    My husband wrote a book - we lost more money on it than we made. Had we known about POD it would have been MUCH better. I'll remember that.

    My grandparents had a double wedding with another couple and they also had a double 50th. It was so cool. Enjoy!

  12. Love the Friday Frags!
    Congratulations to your parents. That is parents did the 50 also, we had a grand time at their celebration. Good Luck.
    Wish I could see the play..sounds interesting...hmmmm..pregnancy at 50+ yikes.