Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gabrielle is THIS Many: III

Gabrielle turns three today. And to honor her, I've selected some photos I consider my favorites.

Corrine took this and it's one of my absolute favorites. Big eyes. Fat cheeks.

A completely candid shot. She found an old pair of glasses and put them on. Corrine took the picture just as her daycare friend, Ty, looked at her. Is that not a cute shot or what? And it PERFECTLY captures her and him. I've told you here before. Boys better watch out, because she's not gonna take prisoners.

She loves her Fiffin ... and chokes him and kisses him and knocks him in the head and hugs him and takes his toys from him and tells him she loves him. You know. The usual sister-brother thing.

Do I have to say anything more? This, my friends, is Gabrielle Marrae Turner.

Photo I took for her first birthday card invitations. Great expression.

I have very little hair. And I've lost most of it because of her.

My favorite, probably. No feeling surpasses that of your child sleeping in your arms. None.

She's actually playing, and winning. Something she has always been able to do.

She loves it when other people read. She also loves chewing the bindings.

I was in The Nerd as the title character. Gabrielle is actually making fun of me here. What, you can't see it in her eyes?

Ahoy! Shiver me timbers! Walk the plank!

The cake-eating champ of 45 High Street. Arrrrrgh!!

These are MY boobies, Nana!

She will always have the love and support of her brothers. Because they are afraid of her.

Don't recall what she's dressed as, but that's beside the point. She's stylin in whatever she wears.


  1. Adorable! Happy Birthday, little one!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. These are terrific photos. Happy bday to your cherub.

  4. Happy Birthday sweet cheeks! It's a great day for a birthday...my daughter bday too! Enjoy.

  5. She's a delight, and it shines through every one of these pics.