Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr. Snuggles

My youngest son, Griffin, cannot get enough of me, so it seems.

When I come downstairs, he's at the foot of them yelling my name.

When I go into the bathroom, he's pounding on the door yelling my name.

When I go outside, go into the kitchen, go into a deep thought ... he yells my name.

He toddles up to me, his arms raised, monkey-like, throws his head back and pouts.


It's not anything I am used to, I have to tell you. My oldest children were loving. They still are, in fact. It's not that. It's that they were more apt to chase their mother around and cry for her to pick them up. Not me. That's just how I thought it worked. I mean, since the womb these children have been attached to Mommy. They come out and are first held by her, breastfed by her, and more than likely, diapered by her.

If I deny Griffin, he plops down on his bottom and cries the cry of a ruined man. Decimated. Destroyed. All that he believed in has come crumbling down. Might as well jump from his crib. It's all over.

How the hell can I do that to him?

I do walk away some times. Only because, the kid needs to learn that he's not going to get picked up every time he wants something. But I always come back to him. I'm a sucker. One of these days I'm going to get a picture of his face when this happens. And I would defy you to walk away too.

I have come to crave hearing him yell my name. I have to be honest. And I feel a lift when I see his face light up when I enter the room and he throws his arms up. To be wanted so demonstrably. It's something I am not used to.

I have become accustomed to being the one with the arms raised, and toddling to my children for a kiss and a hug. (And they have gladly provided me that, don't get me wrong.)

But Griffin... Griffin is a snuggle monster. And I like that.


  1. I, too, have breastfed an diapered the youngest if these Turners. I have loved and cuddled them nearly to death (so it is not just your eldest). I sing to them and read to them. Rock and baind-aid their boo boos.

    You are home with us nearly every day. They know that you are arms reach away. I know that I am far more affectionate than the previous Turner wife, and we openly show our babies how to love.

    I have noticed Griffin's need to be close to you. Even in his sleep. He rolls over to be touching to you. You slide over...so does he.

    I love the break! I love to see him, and all of your children, love you. Each differently. Each deeply.

  2. After all this time and all of those kids, finally?! Awesome. I'm very happy for you :)

  3. beautiful. Isn't it grand to be loved so completely by your child. You are fortunate indeed to have found this..;p

  4. eat it up now... one day he will be a teen and think he needs no one.... then he will get older and realise just how much he does and how lucky he is to have you... all of them :) besides that he is just so adorable :D

  5. OH PLEASE get a picture of that face for us!! And to show your child when he gets older.

  6. We all feel that way about you - you're so cute and cuddly. The rest of us have learned to keep it inside.

  7. so sweet! hope it stays like that forever...they do grow up tho.