Monday, June 22, 2009

Cold Potatoes

Father's Day was good, if not a little busy.

The matinee was at 2, which meant we all had to be there at noon, which meant I had little time in the morning, and little time last night really to share with my children.

I was treated to breakfast and Fallon, Harrison, Gabrielle and Griffin were there. And of course Corrine. Gabi and Griffin both love drinking those little creamers you use in your coffee. Fallon and Harrison used to drink them too, when they were little.

The show went off really without a hitch. The fourth and final performance before a three-day layover before the final four performances this week. I can't possibly be any happier with the performances or the audiences. They both have been great.

Last night, Corrine made supper on the grill. Steak, seasoned potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, and corn on the cob. I got to eat only the mushrooms and potato.

Griffin threw a fit (he's teething and it's causing all kinds of pain and fever and runny nose...) and Gabrielle awoke from a long in a mood. A bad one. I took her in my lap and sat with her while she ate, and to allow Corrine, Fallon and Harrison to eat their suppers.

I didn't mind. But it did piss off Corrine. She went to all that hard work to give me a Daddy's Day supper and I didn't eat.

But frankly, Corrine makes supper every night. Not just Father's Day. I would rather her eat first, for a change, than have to drop everything for the two littlest.

I'm not looking for an award here folks. But honestly, I am blessed to have Corrine, someone I don't have to ask anything from because she gives of her all, constantly, and with little recognition. If you're a mother or a wife, you know what I'm talking about.

And besides, it was Father's Day. Shouldn't I get to decide to watch the screamers so that the others can eat for a change?


  1. What a great guy you are! Not much else to say. :)

  2. You're a good man Charlie Brown...I mean Andy.

    Hallie :)

  3. It was the nice thing to do. Even if it did piss off the wife.

  4. Sounds like both you AND Corrine "picked" well :)

  5. SOunds like a great Father's Day, baby teething and all :-)

  6. Let me just say that I appreciate your efforts...BUT, I just wanted you to have a wee-bit of enjoyment on the day that celebrates the AMAZING Dad you are. The older children were NOT eating at the time the we were ready to. They could have manned the play room while you had a hot dinner. Call me crazy for wanting to eat together...

  7. Hey, whatever you have to do to rationalize it...

  8. You are so truly blessed. :)
    Happy father's day to a great dad. Keep taking care of that awesome wife too. (If she wants to eat with you, listen to her!)

  9. Well I understand where Corrine is coming from...just glad that you enjoyed your day. You are both lucky to have such love and compassion in your lives..;p