Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girl In the White Hat and Sun Dress, 2009

Girl in the summer dress
and wide, white hat
tip toes to a nearby puddle

a furtive look
over her shoulder
toes poking out of sandals
she can feel the grass tickling

she wants to know
if she'll be stopped
or if they'll let her
go ankle-deep into
the water

they let her
and she giggles
tip-toes back

girl in the summer dress
and wide, white hat
on a June day
34 months old


  1. This painting had better be my next gift!!! You could easily have a print made.

  2. Love it! Summer dresses on little girls are the best.

  3. Did you paint this? I love the look you captured.

  4. Sweet. I know that look; Kyle gave it to us two seconds before he grabbed the nickel and stuck it in his mouth and swallowed it. That was fun. (Not.)