Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wii Bit Fun

Cheaper Than Therapy

A. Supreme concentration, mixed with self-doubt, a little bit of early-morning irritation. And I haven't even started playing the game yet. Ty giggles when I swear at my Mii (my digital avatar cartoon likeness, for you non-Wii aficionados).

B. Action shot! Wii controller is blurred. I'm still not playing, I just like to make the little hand wiggle on the television screen. It's cool. I can make it pick my Mii's nose

C. WTF? look from Alyssa. As in, "WTF? Why is he holding the Wii controller upside down? And what's with the sweatshirt?" (See F)

D. Wedding band on left hand. Not sure why I put that in here. It's silver and inside Corrine inscribed the Latin phrase "Utre varnum singularum infinitum" which means "If found, please return to 45 High Street and make yourself comfortable so that you can watch me kick my husband's ass"

E. The only real nick-nacky thing in our house. It falls on unsuspecting heads of visitors, offering countless moments of fun. Ty giggles when it falls on my head and I use the F word.

F. A Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt. It's comfy. I like it. It's Corrine's. I go to the local market in it and a pair of my mother-in-law's old slippers she gave me for Christmas. They give me the 20 percent off special-needs discount whenever I do.

G. Left ear, pierced. Like the right one, but on the other side of my head. Keeps our neighbor, who is the town's Baptist minister, guessing. That and the occasional profane outburst from Corrine on the back deck in her negligee. God I love that woman.

H. Soul patch. When I shave the rest of my face, I look hip. When I don't, I look like a fraternity prank.

I. Coats hanging in our entryway. We like to play a game with our teens, called "Where's my coat?!" And Corrine, Gabi, Griffin, the two dogs and the two cats sit and watch them run around the house at the last second before school looking for their coats. Everywhere EXCEPT where the coats are hanging in our entryway. We have other variations like "Where's my shoe?!", "Where's the front door?!", and "Where's my brain?!" Griffin plays "The Entertainer" on the organ throughout.

J. Picture of Fallon. Her eyes follow you when you walk through the room. Fucking creepy, man.


  1. LMAO!
    The really funny part is, people think your joking. HA!

  2. Okay, first of all, I know you're NOT joking.

    AND, I took Latin for three years. It totally doesn't mean what you said.

  3. that is hilarious! sounds a lot like my household. love how you had lettered everything:)

  4. out the nose post!!!
    Very entertaining, I hope your mii has taken his hand away from his nose long enough to play a game or two. GREAT POST!! Thanks for the chuckle, now I'm off to change my shirt!!

  5. this is a great laugh... thank you!

  6. You're NOT joking? Not even about the sweatshirt? Why can't I have neighbors like you? And does Corrine gain some therapeutic effect from the profane outbursts on the deck in her negligee? I may consider trying this if it promotes sanity.

  7. very funny...I had no idea Maine was so entertaining..I may have to move now ;p

  8. Have you seen the SNL skit where the 3 guys are playing a Wii-type game in the basement? Yeah... your pic reminds me of that... if you haven't seen it... you should look it up.

    The wedding band and sweatshirt bits made me giggle...

  9. Excellent pic!!! Love how you put the letters on it for us.