Tuesday, June 30, 2009


1. Write a novel lots of people will read
2. Make enough money in my life to be healthy and happy
3. Compose a ballet and see it produced
4. Go to Europe for and extended time (i.e, as a non-tourist)
5. Write a play and see it produced
6. Learn to play guitar and piano
7. Get a college degree just for the sake of it
8. Write novels I want to write, (sans fear of recrimination)
9. Grow happiness and thwart anger
10. Watch all of my children grow to be happy, however that may happen
11. Reconcile my differences with family members
12. Own a summer camp somewhere
13. Buy Corrine an incredibly beautiful and unique ring
14. Give Fallon and Gabrielle away at their weddings, if they choose that path
15. Be the one they turn to
16. Act in a motion picture, if only for one scene
17. Be remembered for the writing, not the celebrity
18. Understand myself
19. Attend the Oscars, Tonys and Emmys just because
20. Get back to the days I was filled with inspiration and joy (1985? 1986?)
21. Be quoted by people after I'm gone
22. Inspire someone
23. Less cynical
24. Stop comparative living
25. Buy a house on the coast and wake to the sound of the Atlantic
26. Write and sell a screenplay and see it produced
27. Meet a famous world leader upon their request
28. Understand religion
29. Bring value not contempt into the lives of others
30. Provide solutions not derision
31. Travel the US
32. Be interviewed on television for doing something great
33. Expel the demons of the past
34. Be understood and taken seriously as a person and an artist
35. Tread lightly
36. Understand my dreams
37. Be the example
38. Strip away pretension
39. Appreciate the value of the lupine given to me more than the wild one in the field
40. Exalt my achievements rather than discount them
41. Write a poem that is published
42. Learn to appreciate a compliment
43. Eliminate regret
44. Open my heart more
45. Sit with my children at a Red Sox game
46. Give someone a fortune
47. Teach my children to do what they love now, and do it forever
48. Know beauty when I see it
49. Give a child a family who didn't have one before
50. Chalk it up to their ignorance, not my ineptness
51. Get in shape
52. Fight for it more when it seems a lost cause
53. Celebrate their youthfulness
54. Understand what makes me blush
55. Give her the love she deserves
56. Appreciate myself
57. Have faith in the words
58. Learn art appreciation
59. Expand my tastes in food
60. Understand wine
61. Be a citizen of this world, not the one I think it should be


  1. Qite a list. Some you can already cross off...

  2. What a great list!!! I just want to scrub my floors.

  3. Such grand goals - although it seems like you've already accomplished some of those, are in the process of making many others happen, and some of them may be out of your hands. That being said, I admire the list. My own list is much less impressive.

  4. This is impressive. It has started me thinking about making a list.....

  5. Great list. I should make one like that.

  6. fantastic list, really got me thinking now.

  7. I can help with number 60 a bit. My dear friend Laurie-Beth Dixon, just produced a wine video 'Sass From My Glass', which is all about de-mystifying wine. Very fun and educational. It's available on her website SassFromMyGlass.com. She also publishes a monthly e-newsletter. Check her out!