Monday, June 1, 2009

Pic This

Took six rolls of 35mm film into Walgreens yesterday. Thought I'd offer a few of the results here.

Ty got glasses this year, and is hitting the ball better than ever in the local organized town league, where 10-year-olds are just learning to pitch curve balls and stop picking the uniforms out of their asses. Some anyway. Here, at home, Ty gears up for a homer.

Gabrielle's kitty, Peekaboo, thinks she's a dog. She wrestles with Samwise and bullies Gimli away from the food dish. Here, she's the master of the jungle, on the prowl. For that elusive, vomit-inducing blade of grass.

Easter, 2009. Corrine, Griffin and Nana Greene commiserate. Griffin wants to know how Nana keeps her hair that way. You know. All white and fluffy like clouds.

Fallon's Prom. I like this picture a lot. I'm not blinking, drooling, yawning, or sneezing. I like that our earrings almost match.

Lupines we planted this spring. One of a few out front. Aint it perty...?

I love Griffin's expression. Doesn't it say "You expect me to get in there? It's got Gabi's ass in it."

Griffin loves his Mommy. And the camera.

If this couldn't go on the cover of L.L. Bean's catalog, nothing should. She takes this blanket everywhere. It smells it too.

I had to ask Corrine what this was. And then I had to look up its spelling. It's a rho-do-den-dron.

Fallon, prom again, this time next to someone cuter than me, Harrison. Here, she is impersonating Carol Burnett. He's thinking "Who the hell is Carol Burnett, Dad?"

Fallon and Gabrielle. She cried when Fallon drove away with her date, Kyle. "My best friend,' she calls him. I fear for the lives of every girl Gabi ever meets. They don't stand a chance.

Fallon a la Macarena.

Alyssa, with weapon, and Harrison, weighing his options. Memorial Day whiffle ball game in our back yard. These two are the same age, and one of them is supremely competitive. Hint: it's the one with the legs.

Gorgeous meets handsome. Alyssa's prom 2009. Same prom as Fallon's. I did her hair.

Gorgeous meets adorable. Gabrielle was terrified of being held by Alyssa because, in her words, "I all dirty" If Alyssa could not pose for a magazine, no one should. And people wonder why her father is bald...

Alyssa, Memorial Day whiffle ball game in our back yard. She may not be athletic, but she gets an A for effort. (And, truthfully? She's much more athletic than people give her credit for.)


  1. Hi. Im here from Corrine's blog. I love the pictures, especially the black and whites! What adorable kids!

  2. great pics! some really cute kiddos. we have some great friends that play whiffle ball in their yard and they have worn out the grass where all the bases are. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Awesome pictures! Beautiful family! You are truly blessed.

  4. This was funny!! I was giggling the whole way through your commentary. Very witty captions.

    My cats like to vomit the grass too!!!

  5. I have no idea what you're feeding those kids, but they are all just freaking gorgeous.

  6. gorgeous family!'s our state flower by the way..;p

  7. Awesome family, beautiful photographs!

  8. What a fun bunch of pictures! I love your captions too. Just a few things I want to say:

    1. "Go Vikings!" (Next time could you wear a MN Twins shirt? It's baseball season.)
    2. Your children are beautiful.
    3. You did not do Alyssa's hair! Did you?

  9. Terri:

    1. The Vikings shirt dates back to when I used to live in Shakopee and followed the Vikings. Ironically, we (I live in New England) had Randy and Daunte is now...where is Culpepper? Anyway, I LOVED MN

    2. Thanks. The kids are good looking ... and naughty ... but mostly good

    3. I DID NOT do Alyssa's hair...


  10. You lived in Shakopee? One of my best friends lives there. I'm about a half hour from there. Small world.